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Ghosts Of My Hometown
Faithless Town

FAITHLESS TOWN appears to be a band from Atlanta, but this tune Ghosts of My Hometown cites being born “in the valley where the three rivers meet, the Ohio, the Monongehela and the Allegheny…” and with their tribute to Pittsburgh, they caught my ear right away. Thanks to El Jefe Design for sharing via Facebook - they did the CD packaging.

You can hear more of their songs from the new CD, American Refugee, here:

Some other observations:

  • Possible band name influence: FAITHLESS STREET by WHISKEYTOWN
  • Other possible band name influence: “So why’d you come home to this faithless town…” from Recovering The Satellites by Counting Crows
  • "I was born in the shadow of the penitentiary" a reference to "down in the shadow of penitentiary" line from Born In The U.S.A.?