Playmixt= playlist+mix tape

Reposting this video because I wrote a far better intro to it on a Facebook posting. The audio is dicey, as the sheer volume overwhelms the camera’s built-in mic.
If I had to recount a list of favorite songs of the last 10 years, one of them would easily be “Constructive Summer” by The Hold Steady. Its rip-roaring riff will pump you up on your lowest day.

The lyrics range from a comparison of how “me and my friends are like the drums on ‘Lust for Life’,” to promises of “love and trust and shows all summer,” to a legendary “raise a toast for St. Joe Strummer” who “might’ve been our only decent teacher.”

This tune just rocks with both wisdom and positivity. That’s not always easy to do. “Getting older not only makes it harder to remember we are our only saviors,” but also how tired and sore you’ll be the next day after jumping up and down at the rock show. It’s always worth it.