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I can’t give it away on #7thAvenue #Shattered #rocksites #Shadoobie

I can’t give it away on #7thAvenue #Shattered #rocksites #Shadoobie

Jun 1
You need to go read "Where Could It Be? Tracking Vintage Album Art In NYC" right now then. Go there: you won’t regret it.


You need to go read "Where Could It Be? Tracking Vintage Album Art In NYC" right now then. Go there: you won’t regret it.

Travel tip for you rock & roll kids if you enjoy collecting show posters. When you need to get them home safely and you’ve forgotten to bring a tube (or the tube is too small), FedEx/Kinko’s will give you the big triangle tube box *for free,* as they naturally assume you’re going to eventually ship said box. The box is more than large enough to provide adequate poster protection for the ride home.

- Playmixt, poster collector not-quite-extraordinaire

There is a great deal more to report from this evening, coming soon. The National destroyed at the Beacon Theatre for 6 straight nights, of which we caught the last 2. In the meantime, you can read the below report.


Yes, celebrity sighting confirmation! Sorry, no neck gear in this post.


Let’s talk about the highlights of The National’s final night at the Beacon Theatre 12/17/11…

I know I know all I’ve done this week it seems is gush about The National.  But really I can’t help it…I just love them so much.  Seeing The National 3 out of their 6 nights at the Beacon Theater with my best friend was fucking amazing.  I can say without a doubt that it’s the best $150 I’ve ever spent.  I think I enjoyed the 12/13/11 show the most but that’s probably because there was Annie Clark and Sharon Van Etten.  Those are two ladies I’ll always welcome!  It’s not to say this night wasn’t incredible in it’s own special little way because oh it most certainly was.  I finally was sitting in the orchestra!  I had been in different locations throughout the week.  12/13 I was in the loge, then 12/15 I was in the upper balcony and 12/17 it was the fricking orchestra (but just for future Beacon Theatre attendees it doesn’t matter where you sit, there isn’t one bad seat in the house).  Being in the orchestra means everyone stands up and acts like it’s a general admission show which is an incredible thing.  But I did have one total scary moment.  When my friend and I were having our tickets swiped they were rejected and the guy was like go over to the ticket window.  Turns out because the show was webcast-ed that certain orchestra seats no longer were seat-able and we were moved a row ahead and a bit to the left.  Nothing wrong with that at all.  Okay enough of this rambling…highlight reel time!

  1. Celebrity sightings! John Krasinski, Emily Blunt and Will Arnett!  Yes I was the starstruck girl who freaked when she saw John and Emily walk to their seats.  There was also a bride in attendance and a girl who I am pretty sure thought she was seeing PHISH.  The whole time she kept screaming “Trey.”  She must have missed the memo that Trey Anastasio was at the 12/16 show.  Seriously she even kept telling her bf at one point that she saw Trey on stage.  So weird.
  2. The set list again was very High Violet-y but hey there’s nothing wrong with that at all plus I finally got to hear The Geese Of Beverly Road, Mistaken For Strangers and About Today.  I was waiting for those bad boys!  The setlist went a little something like this:  Thirsty, Karen, Mistaken For Strangers, Anyone’s Ghost, Bloodbuzz Ohio, Squalor Victoria, I’m Afraid Of Everyone, Conversation 16, The Geese Of Beverly Road, 90 Mile Water Wall, Abel, Rylan, Sorrow, Daughters Of The Soho Riots, England and Fake Empire.
  3. Umm the encore was just perfect too:  About Today, Santa Clara, I Need My Girl, Mr. November (where Matty did his thang and visited the whole orchestra), Terrible Love and the way they closed every show, a group sing along of Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks this time with special guests Sharon Van Etten and opening band This Is The Kit.
  4. Matty had a whole bottle of red wine to fill up his glass with!  I love it!  Gosh his stage antics are AMAZING.  He busted out a lot of funny lines, mentioning how instead of a group of string players he thought they were gonna have people playing bongos and then he commented “I’d be more politically active if it wasn’t for bongos.”  He also was very proud of The National’s ample trombone action and said “We have two trombone players, so fuck you.  Bring it!”  But the best thing he probably said all night was super sweet.  It was about his lovely wife and he credited her for making their songs that much better.  ”My songs got a lot better once I met my wife.”  Oh did I mention he joked that The Beatles also helped out with High Violet lol?  Such an adorable jester is the Berninger.

What can I say besides I want to relive this week.  The National just served me the sky with a big slice of lemon and I can’t thank them enough for this NYC Beacon Theatre domination week.  I want to go BAAAAAACK!