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the big star story blog: Origins of the Song "Nature Boy"


Around 1974 the American photographer William Eggleston sat down at the piano at Ardent Studios to accompany Alex Chilton for an impromptu rendition of the standard Nature Boy made popular by Nat King Cole in 1948. This track would be included on the Big Star album THIRD/Sister Lovers. But I…

Click through to read the whole thing… this article is a fascinating look at an unusual songwriter who saw his song covered by Frank Sinatra, Big Star and Nat King Cole among others. Eden Ahbez lived under the HOLLYWOOD sign and also created an album of music that is a really interesting entry in the exotica genre. His song Nature Boy has been covered a multitude of times. He also hung out with Brian Wilson circa the recording of SMiLE, as a photo in the article shows.

It will fascinate you.