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Meatballs came out on blu-ray this week. It will fascinate you to learn that… on the soundtrack during the party scene, a song called “Makin’ It” is featured. It was by David Naughton, the actor probably best known for his title role as An American Werewolf in London.

"Makin’ It" was the theme for a TV series he was on, and - this blew my mind - was written by Dino Fekaris and Freddie Perren. Who are they? Here are a few tunes they also wrote:

  • Peaches and Herb’s Shake Your Groove Thing and also Reunited
  • Gloria Gaynor’s smash, I Will Survive

It will fascinate you! Watch the party scene above: skip to 2:48 once you get there (blasted YouTube won’t let me embed it exactly where I want it). Or, watch Naughton perform it here - it’s a nice slice of time capsule.

Other Meatballs trivia: on the Mass Romantic album, the New Pornographers credit background vocals on Breakin’ the Law to the Camp North Star Kids’ Chorus, which is the group credited with the opening/closing song Are You Ready for the Summer?

08 Meatballs
Rick Dees

by Rick Dees.

Brought to you by the “Playmixt wants to go back to summer camp” feeling.

Fond summer camp memory: sometimes the counselors would not wake us up with Reveille in the morning.  Every so often it was a rock tune, and Kenny Loggins’ theme from Caddyshack, I’m Alright, was one of the best.  Imagine walking around the pine needle paths with the opening “chaka chaka” strumming and percussion - it was not unlike the opening of the film with the sprinklers going off on the golf course.

It was also at this summer camp that I learned the song title was not actually Amber Rain, which is what it sounded like to my 10-year-old ears when it came out.  Think about it: “Ammm-ber rain!”  I make no claim that the rest of the words made any sense; no idea why he’s singing about rain and nobody worrying about him.