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May 7

How 'Mad Men' Landed The Beatles: All You Need Is Love (and $250,000) | NY Times

The trouble with such statements is… they are entirely too easy to prove untrue.

In September, 1968 — just over a year after its worldwide broadcast in June 1967 on “Our World,” — Patrick McGoohan somehow secured the rights to use All You Need Is Love in the final episode of his series THE PRISONER, an episode entitled Fall Out.

You can see bits of it here:



So many interesting facts here (besides the fact that it cast a quarter of a million).

Weiner was told that this was the only time a Beatles song (read: original not cover) has been in a TV show, outside of the band’s live performances. 

Weiner had to share his story line and pages to get approval. 

Weiner also insists that he didn’t break the bank with the choice and that the cost should not be the talking point here. 

This was definitely a top of mind question last night while watching. The golden rule in TV seems to be “NO BEATLES MUSIC!”