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May 4

Sometimes you find the all-time perfect song already in your iTunes a week prior to your wedding day - and sometimes it even names the location.

(Source: Spotify)

Jan 3

DC & MD playlist update

Just realized that “Angel in Blue” by J. Geils Band starts out in a bar…”out on Chesapeake Bay.”

Jul 4

How I didn’t have The Alarm’s Spirit of ‘76 in my 4th of July playlist until this year… I’ll never know. Although it’s not really about the US so maybe that’s why. Anyway, here it is.

Jul 3

For those of you still suffering in the DC area (and beyond), I offer this video I took for a song inexplicably left off the heat playlist the other day. Ours just came back on, we hope yours is back immediately.

by Arcade Fire

Jul 2

"Pepco may be the worst utility ever" playlist (and that’s being kind)

Friday night a serious storm ripped through the greater Washington DC area, causing serious power outages, damage, downed trees, all the usual hijinks. Of all the power companies in the region, Pepco (my power utility) has a history of being… slow to respond, react and restore.

I’m trying to be patient, as I know that even 4 days later there are over 300,000 Pepco customers still without power. But we’re worried about losing the food in the fridge, which I’m constantly restocking with ice, and I’m worried about the stress on our pets. It has been 100 degrees every day since the storm hit, and I’m striving to keep this entry from veering into NSFW profanity.


“Heatwave” - Martha and the Vandellas, or The Jam’s rip-roaring cover
“The Heat Is On” - Glenn Frey from that glorious Miami Vice soundtrack
“Hotter than Hell” - Kiss (don’t forget the wedding chapel by this name in Vegas)
“Hot Blooded” - Foreigner
"Burning for You" - Blue Öyster Cult
"Rhythm of the Heat" - Peter Gabriel
"Heat of the Moment" - Asia
"Somthin’ Hot" - the Afghan Whigs
"Hot Freaks" - Guided by Voices
"Hot Soft Light" - the Hold Steady
"I Got The Hots" - the Soft Boys
"The Heat Goes On" - Asia
"Heathaze" - Genesis
"The Warmth of the Sun" - the Beach Boys
"Burned" - Buffalo Springfield
"Midnight Sun" - Arthur Lyman
"I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine" - the Ronettes
"Sunspots" - Bob Mould
"Judy Staring at the Sun" - Catherine Wheel (version with more Tonya Donnelly vocal)
"Afraid of Sunlight" - Marillion
"Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp" - Mercury Rev
"When The Sun Hits" - Slowdive
"99 In The Shade" - Bon Jovi
"The Sun Also Sets" - Ryan Adams
"Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" - Pink Floyd 
"Skinburns" - Magnapop 


“We’re Not Gonna Take It” - Twisted Sister
“Sympathy for the Devil” - The Rolling Stones
“We Gotta Get Outta This Place” -the Animals
"O Bondage! Up Yours" - X-Ray Spex
"Angry" - Paul McCartney
"Won’t Get Fooled Again" - the Who
"Take this Job and Shove It" - Johnny Paycheck

Power will
Come back


May 6

Beach Boys / Brian Wilson playlist!


Over the years a number of Beach Boys & Brian Wilson tribute songs have come into play… so much so that a playlist was inevitable. Playmixt is going to the June 15th show at Merriweather Post Pavilion, and if anyone would be interested in meeting up and hanging out, please drop a line.

Southern California - Brian Wilson (“I had this dream… singing with my brothers…” if that doesn’t melt your heart, I don’t know what will)

Cannibal Surf Babe - Marillion (somewhat inspired by Pamela Anderson’s ‘Baywatch’ days, features the line: “Mr. Wilson, where’s your sandbox and your beard?”)

Since God Invented Girls - Elton John (“Now I know what Brian Wilson meant…”)

Brian Wilson - Brian Wilson (yes, he and his band covered the Barenaked Ladies tune live; perhaps the most meta-surreal rock moment in history)

Brian’s Back - the Beach Boys (duh)

At My Most Beautiful - R.E.M. (if this isn’t a tribute to Pet Sounds I’ll eat my vinyl copy of “Chronic Town”)

Brian Wilson - Barenaked Ladies ("Lyin’ in bed, just like Brian Wilson did…" not to mention, “Just listening and relistening to Smiley Smile…wondering if this is some creative drought,” or “And if you want to find me, I’ll be out in the sandbox, Wondering where the hell all the love has gone… Playing my guitar and building castles in the sun, and singing Fun, Fun, Fun…”)

One For The Boys - Brian Wilson (clearly a tribute in harmony to his bandmates)

Long May You Run - Neil Young (“Maybe the Beach Boys have got you now… with those waves singing Caroline <Oh Caroline No…>”)

I Write The Songs - Bruce Johnston (while this was a gigantic hit for Barry Manilow, it’s clearly about Brian… even though Bruce tends to deny it and attribute it to being more about the “spirit of music”)

Brian Wilson Said - Tears For Fears

I Love My Car - Belle and Sebastian (“I love my Carl, I love my Brian, my Dennis, my Al… I could even find it in my heart to love Mike Love…”)

Listen here:

Beach Boys Tribute by k r on Grooveshark

In the meantime, if you have any further suggestions for this playlist…  please drop a line?

Apr 8

How a Resurrection Really Sounds: the Easter Playlist


I tried to build this playlist for your listening enjoyment using a certain online site that lets you do such a thing, but something’s amiss and it won’t work correctly. Anyway, here’s the Easter playlist for your enjoyment. Listening to this while packing for a week of work in Las Vegas.

This year I’m adding a few tunes:

  1. Come Around
  2. JC Auto - both by Sugar. Arguably all of the Beaster EP could fit, but these two seem to fit best.
  3. Jesus Was A Cross Maker - Warren Zevon
  4. I Believe Jesus Brought Us Together - Horrible Crowes
  5. Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For A Sunbeam - Nirvana
  6. Jesus Is In My Body - Slim Cessna’s Auto Club
  7. Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus) - Drive-by Truckers
  8. East Jesus Nowhere - Green Day
  9. Jesus Christ - U2 (Woody Guthrie cover)
  10. Jesus Could Be Right - the Damnwells
  11. Like A Girl Jesus - Game Theory
  12. Jesus, Etc. - Wilco
  13. If Jesus Came - Künstler Treu
  14. Jesus Nevada - Kitchens of Distinction
  15. Taco, Buffalo, Bird Dog & Jesus - Guided by Voices
  16. Save Me Jesus - Bobby Charles
  17. Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day

As posted originally in 2010…

26 songs to make your Easter a better one:

  1. Easter - Marillion

  2. Crucify - Tori Amos

  3. Crucifixion Cruise - The Hold Steady

  4. How A Resurrection Really Feels - The Hold Steady

  5. Roll Away the Stone - Mott the Hoople

  6. Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode

  7. Easter - Bill Hicks

  8. I Am The Resurrection - The Stone Roses

  9. This Little Light - Neko Case

  10. Resurrection Day (Scooter Outtake) - The Mice

  11. Jesus (Closet Mix) - The Velvet Underground

  12. They Ain’t makin’ Jews Like Jesus Anymore - Kinky Friedman

  13. Get Right With God - Lucinda Williams

  14. Jumping Jesus - Counting Crows

  15. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) - Kate Bush

  16. Watching Out For Jesus - The Rave-Ups

  17. Jesus Is Coming - John Eddie

  18. Both Crosses - The Hold Steady

  19. The Other Jesus - Swervedriver

  20. He Turned The Water Into Wine - Johnny Cash

  21. Jesus Mentioned - Warren Zevon

  22. Jesus Of The Moon - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

  23. Blood Of The Lamb - Wilco

  24. Mr. Rabbit - Paul Westerberg

  25. Let’s Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits - The Magnetic Fields

  26. Personal Jesus - Johnny Cash

Genius way to get out the door on time in the morning on time: a PLAYLIST!

Jan 8

ABOUT TODAY?: Bedtime story

The National - Bedtime Story by k r on Grooveshark

Great story about a playlist, which you can enjoy above (if reading in your dashboard, click through for the playlist).

reblogged from can-i-ask-you:

First, a little background information for this anecdote. I have a playlist of songs by The National that I listen to at the lowest possible volume before I go to sleep every night. This playlist consists of the following 5 songs, in the following order:

The order is important! Seriously. I tried multiple variations. (Side note: I’m not crazy, this order is the only one that worked for me for some reason…) 

Soooo, I’m usually out cold mid-way through “Green Gloves” or “Racing Like A Pro”, but last night I made it all the way to “Gospel”. And then I swear I forgot to keep breathing. It was like everything just stopped and I was floating in the song. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more peaceful in my entire life. 

To The National: Thank you.

Mfred likes books: Help me find the sleaze


Working on a new playlist— of sleazy songs. Songs that are dark and weird; or kinda sexy, but in a real creepy way; or that make you wanna punch strangers in the face, but you know, while wearing really cool sunglasses.

I meant to work very hard on this last night but instead ended up working very hard on unclogging a neighbor’s tub.  Anyway, FB friends chipped in and offered up these suggestions:

Hurt - Nine Inch Nails
Hot Freaks - Guided by Voices
This Is Hardcore - Pulp
Nice and Sleazy - the Stranglers
Fistikuffs - Supersuckers
Everything You Did - Steely Dan
Alright Alright - Sahara Hotnights
Do You Love Me? - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds (which I definitely second)
Sex - Berlin
Crew Slut - Frank Zappa
Nurse Rozetta - Alice Cooper
Closer - Nine Inch Nails
I’m On Fire - Bruce Springsteen
Scott Biram - no particular song mentioned
Common People - William Shatner (Pulp cover)
Human Behavior - Bjork

Anything by Steely Dan on Katy Lied. It’s pedophile-rific!

I’d add in…
Fountain and Fairfax - the Afghan Whigs
Somethin’ Hot - the Afghan Whigs
Stutter - Elastica
Conversation 16 - the National (features the lyric “I was afraid… I’d eat your brains… ‘cause I’m evil!”)
Martin Eden - Twilight Singers
Forty Dollars - Twilight Singers
From Her To Eternity - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Allison - Slowdive

Oct 6

"Revolution": A Playlist for the Late, Great Steve Jobs

Over at the Huffington Post.

HURRICANE playlist

DC has faced an earthquake, a mudslide (rockslides closed the GW Parkway), and now hurricane, Irene all in the same week. It ain’t pretty.  Keep an eye on things if you’re in the path.  Here’s a playlist to rock out with in the meantime. 

If you’re reading in the dash, click the icon below to open this up.

What songs did we miss?

The EARTHQUAKE Playlist (for DC)

Playmixt is based in the Washington DC Metro area, and we had ourselves a bit of excitement on Tuesday.

If you’re reading on your dashboard, you gotta click through to see (and play!) this one.  Started the topic on Facebook last night and a slew of folks gave me suggestions.   Thanks for your help!

NOTE: now updated with some bonus tunes! And… let me know: what songs did we miss?

Harry Potter Playlist, pt. 4

  1. Strange Magic - Electric Light Orchestra
  2. As If By Magic - La Roux
  3. Witch Hunt - Rush
  4. Be True To Your School - the Beach Boys
  5. Big School - Guided by Voices
  6. Ancient Curse - Peter Bjorn and John
  7. A Blessing and a Curse - Drive-by Truckers
  8. The Curse - Josh Ritter
  9. My Curse - the Afghan Whigs
  10. Abracadabra - the Steve Miller Band
  11. That Old Black Magic - Louis Prima and Keely Smith
    and now some from my FB friends:
  12. Black Magic Woman - Santana
  13. Witchcraft - Matt Costa
  14. Wizard’s Walk - Jay Ungar
  15. Magic Man - Heart
  16. Season of the Witch - Dr. John
  17. Witchy Woman - the Eagles
  18. Witch Doctor - David Seville
  19. Magical Mystery Tour - the Who
  20. Eyes Without A Face - Billy Idol
  21. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered - Ella Fitzgerald
  22. Ding Dong The Witch is Dead - from The Wizard of Oz
  23. Graveyard Waltz - Hooters
  24. Heroes - David Bowie
  25. Straighten Up and Fly Right - Nat King Cole
  26. This Magic Moment - the Drifters
  27. (You’ve Got) The Magic Touch - the Platters
  28. The Soul Cages - Sting (horcrux!)
  29. The End - The Beatles

Here’s part one.
Part two.
Part three.

    Got any more we missed??

    Harry Potter Playlist, pt. 3

    1. Union of the Snake - Duran Duran
    2. Daddy Learned to Fly - Drive-by Truckers
    3. Picture Book - the Kinks
    4. Your Diary - Franz Ferdinand
    5. I Wanna Destroy You - The Soft Boys
    6. Good Luck Charm - Elvis
    7. Charmless - the Popes
    8. Bring Me The Head of the Fortune Teller - Swervedriver
    9. Fortune Teller - Sugar
    10. Love Potion No. 9 - the Coasters
    11. Poison - The Wonder Stuff
    12. Death By Poisoning - the Green Pajamas
    13. Poison Years - Bob Mould
    14. Kicker of Elves - Guided by Voices
    15. Little Creatures - The Mice
    16. Fight Fire With Fire - Kansas
    17. These Important Years - Husker Du
    18. "Wished I Was A Giant" - Guided by Voices
    19. We Looked Like Giants - Death Cab for Cutie
    20. Song For Lonely Giants - the Mountain Goats
    21. Giant - Big Country
    22. The Castle - Love
    23. Castle On The Hill - Ride
    24. Fortune Teller - the Who
    25. The Kids Are Alright - the Who

    Do we have time for another round?