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Feb 2

The above is a clip circa 1979 of UK power pop bandTHE RECORDS.Perhaps their best-known song, “Starry Eyes,” as produced by Robert John “Mutt” Lange.

Some sad news from The Records today via Facebook; apparently bassist Phil Brown has passed away.

I liked to hold out hope that the band might get back together someday; their first 2 records are just as great as Big Star’s. Tried to find a clip of “Girl,” one of the songs Phil contributed to, but was unable to do so. Here’s an audio link, though - it’s a great track, and you ought to check it out.

The above “Starry Eyes” clip has not-so-great audio quality, here’s a version that has better audio but just a still picture for video:

Aug 4

Playmixt had the distinct privilege and pleasure to attend a house concert this past Monday evening.  “What’s a house concert?” you may ask - well, it’s just that: a concert at someone’s house (note this has nothing to do with “house” music).

James and Terri were our hosts, and they have this concept down.  I was expecting maybe an acoustic performance, but no - they had multiple microphones, video and audio recording setups, and electric keyboard for the evening’s main event.  A fine selection of food and drink were on hand, as well as a lot of like-minded folks eager for some great tunes.  And I’m happy to report we got ‘em.

The entertainment was provided by one Mike Viola, a name I wasn’t familiar with prior to my invitation.  It was great to discover that his music was somewhat known to me though: he cowrote the title track for the film That Thing You Do! (with Adam Schlesinger from Fountains Of Wayne) and a lot of the tunes for Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.   TTYD is an amazing accomplishment in terms of songwriting: it had to be catchy enough to be immediately recognizable the first time you heard it (at least in terms of musical style for the period) and yet engaging enough to not make you sick of it the 24th time you heard it in the movie.

Mike has also been in the Candy Butchers, and seems to have had a varied career: he’s produced Mandy Moore and apparently collaborated with her husband, Ryan Adams, amongst others.  He’s got a new album due in the Fall of this year, titled Electro De Perfecto and there’s a tune on it called Soundtrack of My Summer which — even solo on guitar — was so gorgeous I had to tell him afterwards, “Brian Wilson wishes he wrote that song.”  You can hear it here.

Mike’s got the power pop model down, and he’s also got some more thoughtful tunes that muse on subjects such as growing up and having kids too.  If you get the chance to see him live (he’s opening for Fountains of Wayne in L.A. this fall, for example), definitely go see him.  Buy his tunes - he’s got a Primer CD for sale that spans his career and includes the demo for That Thing You Do!  Below is a bit of a playlist where you can sample some of the tunes he played for us on what was truly a lovely evening of music.  Note: If you’re reading this in your dashboard, click through below to hear the playlist.  For more photos, head over to Flickr.

Special thanks to  Amy for passing along the invite and again to James & Terri for opening their house up to such an endeavor.  Cheers!