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Sep 5

Neil Halstead of Mojave 3 and Slowdive covered Kate Bush’s Cloudbusting for an album of lullabies.

Buy the Angry Chair from the Alice in Chains video for the song Angry Chair. It’s on Craigslist for $1500 (via Spin.)

Buy the Angry Chair from the Alice in Chains video for the song Angry Chair. It’s on Craigslist for $1500 (via Spin.)

Aug 5

Bolstered by the runaway popularity of his “Lucy Sings” video, Philip Collins returns with a midlife-crisis anthem and a video that, this time around, required more than driving around the block with an out-of-focus camera. An all-star band and a cast of dozens join him for this months-in-the-making filmed entertainment.


Watch the new music video for “War On The East Coast” off the upcoming album ‘Brill Bruisers’!

At the end of the video note the license plate… and what state it is from.

by RUSH.

The AFGHAN WHIGS channel their inner High Plains Drifter with maybe a hint of Christine in the video for a track called “ALGIERS.”

Feb 9

Mojave 3
Some Kinda Angel
for some reason I had no idea there were any Mojave 3 videos.

Epic homemade Lego rock and roll love story video for F.O.H. by SUPERCHUNK.

So… Lorde covered Swingin’ Party by the Replacements.

Oct 5

The band Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling created a video for their song Arrival that is a shot-for-shot remake of the opening credits of the legendary Patrick McGoohan TV series, The Prisoner.

Their website notes: “The band is currently two EPs (April 2010’s The New Number 2 and June 2011’s Questions Are a Burden to Others) into a project to write and record 17 songs, each one based on/inspired by an episode of the ’60s cult spy-fi TV series The Prisoner." It took 2 years to plan and execute. Learn more about it on their site.

There is even a version of the video with an inset comparison if you want to see how closely they re-created it. Click here to see it.

The behind-the-scenes video about the challenges of working with Rover is pretty funny.

Oct 1

I had no idea that The Hold Steady had made a video for The Swish.

Of all the songs called Exploding Head, I think this one is really the best one for the day. By A Place To Bury Strangers.

I’m a fan of @GaslightAnthem. Got married in May and had my brother read the lyrics of Handwritten during our ceremony - the emotion of which caused my dad to tear up. Am very excited to see them this weekend at Hudson River Park, and again in September at The Shindig in Balt-o-more.

Had been meaning for a long time to catch this look at the creation of the Handwritten LP, and finally did tonight. It’s about 11 minutes long, but well worth watching the birth of this terrific record.

Jun 7


More from Scott Miller, this time The Loud Family tune Jimmy Still Comes Around from their debut LP Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things.